RPL Voices

Argonne’s Rapid Prototyping Laboratory is a testing ground for new ideas and new careers in autonomous discovery. Undergraduate and graduate student interns are learning how to automate lab work using robotics and artificial intelligence. Hear their stories in their voices and read more about internship opportunities here.

Casey Stone, Computational Scientist, discusses the potential of autonomous discovery and the maker-culture mindset at the RPL.

Rafael Vescovi, Computational Scientist, shares how his early research experiences led him to incorporate robotics into experimentation.

Rory Butler is a Ph.D. student at UChicago and Argonne studying applied robotics. He discusses autonomous discovery and the joy of working in the RPL.

Gillian Camacho is a chemistry and forensics student at Penn State and a 2022 RPL Intern. She discusses her path to science and the way her internship reshaped her career plans.

Halona Dantes is a physics student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a 2022 RPL Intern. She shares what drives her and surprises her in her path toward a scientific career.

Kyle Hippe is a computational scientist at Argonne and was a 2022 RPL Intern. He talks about robot scientists, his love of supercomputers, and the RPL’s contributions to autonomous discovery.

Kendrick Xie is a computer science student at UChicago and a 2022 RPL Intern. He shares how his love of e-sports and gaming led him to pursue a computer science degree and an RPL internship.

Gillian Camacho, Arleen Hidalgo and Halona Dantes talk about learning to work as a team during their internship.